A team that shall not be named (in this title) won the Stanley Cup


Anyone who knows me knows I love sports.  So much so that I chose to make it my career for 10+ years.  It’s not just a hobby or a casual thing for me.  It’s a passion.  Because of that I will root for a lot of different teams and players.  I will find a reason to root for a team if my favorite team is not playing.  I will root for the underdog.  Root for a former Philly athlete who has found success somewhere else. or maybe root for an aging player who could go out on top.  There are any number of reasons why I WILL root for someone.  But there are literally only two teams on the face of the planet that I WILL NOT root for!  These two teams quite literally make my skin crawl when they win.  They make me absolutely furious.

The first is the Clemson Tigers.  I graduated from the University of South Carolina.  GO COCKS!!  The Clemson Tigers are the most hated rival of Carolina.  Therefore, I cannot possibly root for them for any reason what so ever!  I will go out of my way in daily living to avoid using the combination of orange and purple for any reason.  Their football team recently played for the National Championship against Alabama.  Now, I have little love for Alabama, but on this particular day I yelled “Roll Tide” as loud as any backwoods Bama local yocal!

The second team is the Pittsburgh Penguins.  God, I hate the Pittsburgh Penguins!  I am a diehard Flyers fan.  I bleed orange and black from September to May.  As I said, I can usually find a reason to root for a team or a player, especially during the Stanley Cup. But tonight, I just couldn’t do it.  There’s not a single player on that team that I am happy for winning.  No possible reason what so ever.

I have watched every Stanley Cup finals since the Flyers lost to Detroit in 1997.  I have watched every team hoist the Cup.  It’s something that I love watching.  It’s the best trophy in sports and to watch the winning captain hoist it over his head and then pass it on down the line and watch as each player puts a gentile smooch on the side… it’s magical!  But watching Sidney freaking Crosby and those god-awful penguins… it totally ruined it for me!

I have a healthy respect for the Penguins.  I am fully aware that they were the hottest team in the league going in to the playoffs.  They outplayed the Sharks.  They outshot them and they blocked shots like mad men.  Matt Murray is going to be a special goalie in the future.  20-something years old and wasn’t even on the team until halfway through the year.  Ties the NHL record for wins in the playoffs by a rookie.  SHOULD HAVE won the Conn Smythe trophy!!  At no point have I said or will I say that the Penguins didn’t deserve the Cup.  I wished the would have lost and I hated watching them win, but they did deserve it.

Until next year…