Because it’s the Cup!!


One of my favorite times of the year, hockey playoffs.  I will watch every single game that is on TV.  Obviously I’ll be rooting for the Flyers, but I’ll also be rooting against the Penguins!  I have hopes for the Orange and Black.  No, seriously, I do!  I know we had to do it the hard way and scratch and claw into the post-season, but it hasn’t been awful.  The Flyers have some momentum going in.  And of course they have a little added inspiration.  #winitforEd

But there are other reasons why Philly fans should feel good going in to the series with the Capitals.  For starters, the Capitals are coasting in.  They clinched their spot long ago and they have no momentum.  They’ve been lazy and resting the last 15 games or so.  It could be hard for them to ramp themselves back up in time.  In the last 25 games of the season, the Flyers amassed 35 points in the standings, the Capitals only 30.  In that same stretch the Fly-guys have a +12 goal differential over Washington.  Now the we needed that because we were giving up stupid amounts of goals to teams we should have been beating easily, but I digress.

Here’s the biggest and I think most important reason to feel good:  the Washington Capitals are NOTORIOUS under achievers in the playoffs!!  Since the 1999/2000 season there have been 15 years of playoffs (16 years, but minus one year for the lockout).  The Caps have made the playoffs 10 out of 15 seasons.  Not too shabby, but they have NEVER made it past the second round!! Ouch!  In fact, they have SIX first round losses in those ten years!  Now the Flyers have made the playoffs only two more times, 12 of 15 years, but in those 12 years we have four Conference Finals appearances and one trip to the Stanley Cup.  Only five times out of twelve have they lost in the first round.

I suddenly like our odds!